The Future of Money

You give your data out freely online daily, whether it's to sign up for a new website, purchase something online, or fill up a survey. NO MORE. Monetise your data with DATACOINS. For each question that you answer, for each bit of information that you share with us securely, we'll give you our cryptocurrency.


Value from your DATACOINS, are generated both the data gathered, as well as the cash proceeds generated from the data sales. Your data used to be of no value to you, and a cash cow for the companies selling it. Own your data today and generate returns from the increase and trading of DATACOINS.

What do we do with your data?

We sell your data to companies that want and need it for cash. It's that simple. The difference is, you now get something instead of nothing for your information.

Companies like you YouGov have you filling up surveys and getting points that customers can redeem for minuscule vouchers or rewards. Filling up countless survey forms to get $5 is lame. Earn DATACOINS.